Heaven's Presents - Custom Screen Printing & Graphic Design

Right out of the gate, we try our best to answer any questions or concerns that the customer may have so they feel comfortable and at ease. After determining whether the order will have a quantity of 24 or 2400, the process starts. Art is started almost immediately, and the customer is sent updated proofs and corrections as needed. After the shirt style and color is selected and confirmed, the product is then ordered a few days out from when the job is being printed. As printing day approaches, films are printed and screens are prepped for the run. Then starts the tedious custom ink matching, where inks are hand mixed to reach the shade that was chosen in the customer's art proof. After everything is set, the shirts are then spun around the press and printed. The customer is often sent a photo proof of the first off of the press. Once okayed, the full order is run. Shirts are printed, moved through the oven, folded and boxed up for pick up.

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